Monday, April 25, 2022

Pioneers of RG&E Newsletter - 04/25/2022

Hello and Happy 2022!

I know, pretty late for a Happy New Year, but hey, life gets busy I guess.

I expect that everyone is happy that things have opened up a bit more and are starting to somewhat feel back to normal again!

It has been a relatively quiet front on the newsletter side. 

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The Klein's report that the March Picnic was just them and another couple, so they likely won't be holding it again. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to send out a full email reminder this year, but I'm not sure it would have helped. The FL picnic has been dwindling for years I think. 

I'll have to start digging into the August Pioneer Picnic soon. They warned me costs were probably going to be higher than we've seen in the past, so heads up. 


From Heinz Kepplinger on 3/10/22.
This is a photo of Ed Hosmer, retired foreman from the RGE line dept. John Bliss and Heinz Kepplinger recently visited with him at his home in Matlacha, Florida. (2/28/2022).

We had a good visit with lots of stories and laughs.


I don't know if you recall, but in August of 2020, I had stumbled across an obituary for Chuck Yatteau:

Charles "Chuck" Yatteau (this guy wasn't from RG&E, but because his obit mentions it in one of his "sayings", it is cute to read. Plus his description reminds me of you guys!)

This January 2022, his son Terry Yatteau found that post and reached out to me via email:

Hi Molly
Thanks for including my dad Chuck Yatteau in your Pioneers newsletter last year. It was unexpected AND funny. He would have gotten a kick out of it.
Little did your readers know that my dad's grandfather Frank Yatteau was an RG&E employee for 45 years  (1895-1940ish). His dad, George Washington Yattau was a veteran of the Civil War. Had his leg shot in ambush close to wars end. Amputee at the knee. Couldn't farm anymore so he opened a billiard parlor in Carthage, NY where he was from. Then moved the business to Rochester in 1870. I've always suspected that GW may have networked at his downtown billiard hall on behalf of his kid to land him the RG&E gig.
Frank and his wife Emma had 11 kids and 64 grandkids (my dad was one of them). Family home is on Sycamore St in Swillburg portion of the city near Pinnacle Hill.
Thanks again!

Terry Yatteau (pronounced "Yatto" if you're from Swillburg or work in the Local 13 or 86 Unions)

I asked him how he found the post and he said:
I was googling the family name w/other terms to see what would come up. Have used that method before to discover colorful family info. That's how I came across the newsletter.
Also, my grandfather Tom Yatteau (Local 13 Pipefitter) was working at Russel Station the day his 7th kid (of 8) was born. That's how my uncle Rusty got his name.
Attached is my great grandfather's obit from the Times Union. 
You can click HERE for Frank's obit (1956).


Robert Hicks posted a scanned copy of the RG&E Story - you can download it or see it HERE.


Doug Miller
Mike Dorfner
Don Baker


[Not necessarily in order. Sourced from Facebook posts, Legacy online obituary notifications and emails to MJ]

Dave Palumbo (couldn't find an obit, but someone posted a tribute.)
Walter Tono (no obit)