Sunday, February 26, 2023

Pioneers of RG&E Newsletter - 02/26/2023


 Hello 2023!

    How is everyone? Long time no talk. 

    Kevin and I made it to South Carolina, moved down formally/fully the week of Thanksgiving. We unpacked at a super speed and are mostly settled in, and found lots of little projects to do. It did freeze down here the week of Christmas and we had some broken pipes outside by the dock - fun things to figure out with a new house - like, where does the water come from? Where do they hide their shutoffs?! 

    But, all is good. We are looking forward to Spring/Summer and getting out on the lake to enjoy some lake life. There are so many birds to watch, including bald eagles and osprey. We have a lot of house finches that sit on our deck railing. The birds sing every morning at sun rise (and let me know it is time to get to work!). There are deer that show up periodically on the road and I've even seen a couple of armadillos! It has been fun to see what new things a new place has. So far, the weather has been awesome, large swings from night to day - but this week and the past week it is 70 + degrees. I think it is unseasonably warm right now. 


Pioneers Picnic

    I was able to book Barnard again. Save the date for the picnic - August 3, 2023. I'm going to have to figure out some logistics, but we'll make it work. 
    If anyone wants to take over the picnic, please let me know! I'll see how it goes this year - we'll have to shorten up our timeline for sending in checks and handling headcount for me to do this remotely. And worse case if I can't make it, I'll need someone to handle nametags on that day...

People (aka the living!)

Please send me things to publish!

Retirements -
Patty Gatti
Jerry O'Connor

Hot Topics from the Facebook group "RG&E Pioneer's Club"

There is a very active Facebook group that you should consider joining if you aren't on it, I think the reach there is much more than this newsletter! 
Here are some discussion highlights/topics - 
  • They post obituaries and deaths
  • They vent about changes at RG&E
  • Dorothy Tyler retired from the Corporate Department at age 56; she’s now 100! (post from Nov 2022, she looks good!)
  • Lots of chatter about the RG&E billing issues
  • Russell Station retirees get together on some Wednesdays for breakfast
  • There are posts about accounts, benefits, phone number questions
  • There are posts with pictures - some old memories, excerpts from old RG&E publications, xmas cards, etc.


[Not necessarily in order. Sourced from Facebook posts, Legacy online obituary notifications and emails to MJ]

Mary Mattle
William Rugenstein
Carmen Vitali

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