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Pioneers of RG&E Newsletter - 10/10/2022

 Hello there!

    How is everyone? It has been a busy summer over here. It was nice to see everyone at the picnic this year. 

    Lots of things going on in my world - we're still working our way down to South Carolina, we had a bunch of things already planned throughout the summer and now I finally have a moment to plan a move. Mover estimates this coming week hopefully.

    In the meantime, Kevin had his open heart surgery mid-August. The trigger was pulled quickly after a surgical consult - we had the consult on a Tuesday and the surgeon said "how's Friday?"!! We did wait until the following week, but it was a whirlwind. Kevin has bicuspid aortic valve that has been deteriorating and an ascending aortic aneurysm that has been getting larger. This was a situation we have been monitoring for the last 8 years, and we probably should have had the surgery last year, but I'm SUPER happy that it is over and done with. He was a stellar patient and has recovered in record time! My superman...I love him so much!

    We've been down to our new house a few times, prepping things like wifi and working on a furniture plan and unpacking stuff we did bring down. Next time down for me should be the big move. Targeting mid-November, but since we're flexible I'm going to see what is convenient for the moving company. 

    I'm excited and nervous to move, I've never left WNY before, but timing is good and Lake Murray is beautiful. I think it will be good for the soul. The last 5 years of my life have been insane with enough major life changing events. I like to summarize it like this - I turned 40, my dad died the next week and left a 2-year clean up project of properties, I discovered I had BRCA1, which led to multiple surgeries, then we bought a house, Kevin had major open heart surgery, and now we are moving. Whew, I'm ready for a break (right after I get a mole checked out, haha). 

    I hope that SC is going to be that break, but it will take a while to settle in, unpack, maneuver through the house, keep up with my job, and do all those fun relocate things like changing address everywhere, find new doctors and get used to driving more for anything you want. We're about 20-25 minutes from town and about 45-55 minutes outside of Columbia, SC. I'm looking forward to the slow down and minimally the view of the lake!

    Ok, well enough about me! I hope that you are all doing well and ready for Fall. 


Pioneers Picnic

    This year's event was about 190 people. It was warm, but still a good turnout. I already packed away my notes and stuff!

    I'm not sure we'll be able to keep this up - we'll have to work on a plan for next year. Barnard/Forest Hill is fighting over a lease agreement, so we may need to consider other locations. Plus with my move to SC, this will be more difficult to manage, so we'll have to see how the new year rolls in. 

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As I had mentioned to you at the picnic, I would like to pass on the following. 

One of our fellow co-workers is now a resident of The Landing, a nursing home in Brighton on Westfall Rd. just west of Winton Rd.

He is Anton "Jim" Richmond who worked in Electric Distribution Engineering involved with Joint facilities. I believe he retired in the late 1990's.

Many are probably unaware that Jim is a WW-2 veteran. He was raised in the Quaker Church in Pumpkin Hook, Town of Farmington.  

Right after his 18th birthday he was drafted into the Army and as a Quaker sent to the Army Medic training school. 

Following his training in late 1944 he was shipped to the Pacific and assigned to the 33rd Infantry Division who had been assigned the task of pushing the Japanese out of the Philippine Island of Luzon. Assigned as a combat medic he was wounded in early June 1945 and spent six months in hospitals recovering and being discharged after Japan's surrender in August 1945.

He is the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal and a Purple Heart. 

Jim just celebrated his 96th birthday in May. He has a daughter in California and son in Canada.

I would like to encourage any of you who remember him to stop in, I know he would be happy to see you.

-Harry Standhart, Electric Distribution Engineering and T&D Lines.


[Not necessarily in order. Sourced from Facebook posts, Legacy online obituary notifications and emails to MJ]

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Kevin Woolever (Friday, no info yet)

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