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Pioneers of RG&E Newsletter - 08/14/2016

A Newsletter for Retirees * Also posted at
The 2016 Pioneer's Picnic was a huge success!
We had a beautiful day - a little hot, but a nice breeze. It was an excellent turnout of 207 people. Thanks for attending!
Sharon Cavaleri has posted many pictures on Facebook. Look for the Facebook Group "RG&E Pioneer's Club"
Save the date!
The March Florida picnic is Monday, March 6, 2017
Updates from Ken & Sharon Kuzia in Victor:
Sharon has received her certification as a teacher in New York State.  She graduated at the top of her class.  She is now working with the Before & AfterSchool program sponsored by the YMCA in Victor.  The kids love her with all the creative activities she brings to the program.
Ken is a charter member of the Victor Art Group where he works with other to create and appreciate art.  He also maintains the Group’s web site at  He is also building his own stockpile of his own “Restyled Digital Photography." You can view samples of his work at his web site at
One year ago, in May, Ken accompanied his Mom via Honor Flight to view the WWII Memorial in Washington DC.  His Mom, Dorothy is a 95 year young veteran of WWII.  If any of the Pioneers have friends or family members who are WWII veterans, encourage them to participate in this wonderful program if they have not already.  All expenses including air fare, hotel, and meals for the veterans are covered by Honor Flight, and the "Guardians” who accompany the vets pay a very reasonable fee to cover their expenses.  Check out the Honor Flight Rochester web site at
From Dave Shields: In the Fall of 1982, I was working as an engineer at RG&E, teaching power systems to junior and senior engineering students at the University of Rochester and working on the dinner train Friday nights because I always wanted to work on a train.
Many old department groups meet on a monthly basis for breakfast or lunch or golf, if you have details about these gatherings (and they are open to more attendees), please pass it along and I can send it out in a future newsletter.
Send to
Update on Frank Meagher:
I was emailed this information from June 1st regarding Frank Meagher: "Oncologist was very happy with test results. Killing the cancer. Because treatments will only affect him worse he will need to be in hospital for the last 3 chemos. Means a 6 day stay each time, 4 weeks apart at Fawcett Memorial in Port Charlotte. He will be admitted this Fri.
We are hopeful for a good outcome. Thank you for your prayers-----they seem to be working!  Will keep you updated.
Love, Cheryl"
Pension Info:
I received some information about a $1200 lifetime fixed credit that retirees are receiving if they were hired before 1999. It sounds like some folks are not receiving that credit as of recently if they took the lump sum option. I wanted to let you know that someone has reached out to RG&E and this issue is being looked at and should be resolved automatically.
On another note, I am planning on reaching out to HR to see what the latest and greatest phone numbers and contact information is for you all for the next newsletter. -Molly
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