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Pioneers of RG&E Newsletter - 09/17/2016

A Newsletter for Retirees * Also posted at
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RG&E Latest Contact Numbers:

Aon Hewitt Your Benefits Resources – Questions related to pre Medicare health benefits and life insurance – 1.855.577.4237

Aon Retiree Health Exchange – Questions for Medicare health benefits and Your Spending Account – 1-800.350.1675

BNY Mellon Pension Bank – Changing tax deductions or direct deposit information for pension checks – 1.800.418.0273

Human Resource – General Information – 1.855.633.4140 Option 5
Pension Info
Here is information from RG&E regarding the $1200 annual credit in the last newsletter. I am sorry for the confusion! It was related to Life Insurance and appears to be related to folks that retired on or after July 1, 1999. Here is the excerpt from the Benefits Handbook per HR:

Basic Life Insurance
If you retired on or before June 30, 1999, you will receive life insurance equal to 50% of the basic life insurance in place at the time of your retirement at no cost to you.

If you retired on or after July 1, 1999, a $100 monthly credit is provided to you to purchase life insurance in the amount of $5,000 to $300,000 in increments of $5,000. The maximum life insurance benefit amount available to you is equal to your annual base pay at retirement, rounded up to the next $5,000 increment and multiplied by 50%. If the cost of the life insurance you elect is in excess of the $100 credit, the excess amount will be deducted from your pension check. If the cost of the life insurance you elect is less than $100 and you have elected health insurance, the remainder of the $100 life insurance credit will be applied to the cost of health insurance. If you do not elect health insurance or a portion of the $100 credit still remains, that amount will be added to your pension check. If the cost of the benefits you elect exceeds this credit, you will be direct billed by the Company for the cost of these benefits.

PER RG&E HR on 8/30/16: "Aon Hewitt YBR and RG&E have been working on a reporting system to capture the retirees who are aging off or opting out of medical benefits."
This seems to be a "favorite" topic, so I will try and share what I can find along the way.
Here is a collection of death notices from a search on obituaries that had the words "rochester gas & electric" or "rge" in it, or was posted in the facebook group.
These folks were listed between June and now. They are NOT in date order.

Before you ask, in most cases I do not know where they worked or how they are affiliated with RG&E. 

Joseph Dawes:

Peter Laube:

Mary Louise (Dugan) Stutsman:

Michael Tuchrello:

Roy Redfield:

Al Piacelli:

Ray Jackling:

Bernard Mills:

Betty Bigelow:

Richard Makey:

Peter W. Sullivan:

Chuck Holden:

Gordon Langdon:

Bruce Hale:

Jerome Altman:

Bill Keegan: did not see an obituary.

Anthony Trotto:
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Pictures are within, interest items, some obituaries are posted, and some discussions about a variety of topics go on here.

Substation retirees meet for lunch the first Tuesday of every month at Noon at Keegan's in the old Georgetown plaza on East Ridge Rd. Lunch usually goes until 2pm.

Fossil / Hydro ( BB and Russell Stations ) meet for breakfast on the last Wednesday of the month at Stoney's on Lyell Ave. @ 9:00. Lots of room. 
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