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Pioneers of RG&E Newsletter - 11/25/2017

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Happy Holidays! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you are prepared for Christmas and whatever other holidays you celebrate.

Click reply and let me know if there are other things you'd like to hear about. Though I know you love hearing about the obituaries, and company stuff if I can find anything interesting, I'd love to know if there are other general topics you'd like me to share. I think the majority of this audience is the retired bunch, over 60 years of age. I don't know what is interesting to you at this point in your lives!

If you have things to share with the bunch, you can email me that information and I can paste updates into this newsletter. Chances are, if you would like to hear about what other retirees are up to and how their lives are going, so does everyone else...

Avangrid offers Separation Package
At the end of September, there was a voluntary early separation package offered to a select group of employees across the companies. The various departments had different eligibility rules and exclusions. But the majority of the eligibility rules required them to be 55 and have at least 15 years of service. This was offered to about 270 employees. The package offered was a week of pay for every year of service plus $40K cash. They had until November 15th to decide and November 30th will be their last day if they chose to accept. It is unknown how many have accepted this package. 
The RG&E Armed Forces Club held their annual Veterans Day service on November 10th. There are a couple of pictures below. 
Retirements - Click name for party information!
Gary Litto
Rudy Conaway
Obits - NONE!!
I did not see any obituaries this month (finally). 
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