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Pioneers of RG&E Newsletter - 08/02/2020

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Hello friends,
   I hope you are staying healthy and taking the appropriate precautions to keep you safe. 
   This week would have been our 82nd annual Pioneer Picnic! Unfortunately, it was decided to cancel this year's picnic due to the risks of Covid-19. I did have a couple inquiries about it, and Barnard would have let us have it, but our group is considered high-risk and it is probably best not to put us all in a situation that is inadvisable by health officials. I also took a poll with the group on Facebook and a large percentage also agreed it is not worth it. 
  And in response to that Jeff Trost says "I say every retiree should submit a picture of them with a beer and a hot dog the week of the picnic." - Hahaha, so if you guys want to do that, email me a pic and I'll figure out how to put something together and share it in the next newsletter!
Best regards,

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From Heinz Kepplinger -
Bit of RG&E news.[...]  
Roland Lee turned 90 on June 11. He is retired from Distribution Engineering, and was a lineman before that.[...]The attached photo shows Roland in the middle flanked by Ron Weber and Nick Karp. Also in attendence were Ron Reitz and Heinz Kepplinger.
After 47 years of service, Bill Meyers (Substation Operations) has finally decided to officially retire!
Obits (Click names to see obituary)
Not in any particular order

Note that most of the ones without obit links, I'm finding out from the Facebook group posts. 
Robert E. Wood (found obit, was listed in last newsletter, Ginna)
John A. Cavaleri
Arthur T. Buss
Donn E. Schroeder
Charles "Chuck" Yatteau (this guy wasn't from RG&E, but because his obit mentions it in one of his "sayings", it is cute to read. Plus his description reminds me of you guys!)
Natalie A. Slocum (Ginna)
Robert A. "Bob" LaMonica
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